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Guided Black Bear Hunt
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In 2011 we opened up our farms to semi guided hunts for the first time. In the past these farms had only been lightly hunted by friends and family. The properties include over a dozen farms ranging from 54 acre funnels to 626 acres that total well over 3,000 acres. They have agriculture, food plots, supplemental feeding (corn, apples, minerals, etc) and water. Most of the farms have creek bottoms that funnel the deer right past our stands. Single and double ladder stands are strategically placed on each farm. All hunts are fair chase with no high fences.

Ohio Trophy Whitetail allows a maximum of 4 hunters per week, which allows us to rest farms for an extended period of time between hunters. Our goal is to only hunt each farm a few times per year. All properties are well scouted with numerous trail cameras. 150 class bucks are common and 200 class bucks are out there. It's not uncommon on our farms for a 2.5 year old deer to score in the 140's. You wont find better genetics. A good number of our bucks are nontypical with extra brow tines, split tines, sticker points and drop tines.

Our properties are set up to give hunters the best opportunity to harvest a record book buck. All the work has already been done for you. All you need to do is climb into one of our stands and wait for the buck of a lifetime. We take every hunt very seriously and will work hard to make your hunt a success. If you are a serious hunter looking for a legitimate opportunity to harvest a record book buck give us a call.
  • Sept – Oct hunts are pre-rut / in most cases farms are being hunted for first time
  • Nov hunts are rut - there will still be some farms being hunted for the first time
  • Dec hunts are second rut / It’s not uncommon to see bucks chasing and breeding does in late December
  • Jan hunts are the most predictable hunts of the year. Deer are coming to food plots and bait piles like clock work.